Results for 2022 Tournament

Team Europe wins back the Cup from Team North America at the tournament played on Friday, 14 October 2022 at Atsugi Kokusai C.C. in Kanagawa Prefecture. Team Europe, led by team captain Erik Ullner, scored 75.15 versus team North America 75.57, counted on the average of the 80% best net. This makes it altogether the 8th victory for team Europe against the 10 wins by Team North American.

Men Best Gross : Dean Rogers (NA) (77)

Men 2nd Gross : Joni Santala (EU) (79)

Men 3rd Gross : Hisanori Murata (EU) (83)

Men Best Net : Yusuke Genma (NA) (69,9)

Men 2nd Net : Kenichi Negita (EU) (70.0)

Men 3rd Net : Joni Santala (EU) (70.7)

Lady Best Gross / Best Net  : Minako Tanaka (gross 79) (net 71.9)

Longest Drive : Dominic Walker (EU)

Near Pin @ hole no. 7 : Keith Halley (EU)

Near Pin @ hole no. 16 : Machiko Asai (NA)

Overall Score

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Pictures for 2022 Tournament