Results for 2023 Tournament

Team Europe wins the Cup for a second year in a row at the tournament played on Friday, 6 October 2023 at Atsugi Kokusai C.C. in Kanagawa Prefecture. Team Europe, led by team captain Karl Hahne, scored 74.8 versus team North America 75.8, counted on the average of the 80% best net. This makes it altogether the 9th victory for Team Europe against the 10 wins by Team North America.

Men Best Gross : Yong Soo Moon (NA) (77)

Men Best Net : William Ramsay (NA) (69.9)

Lady Best Gross: Asami Suzuki (NA) (83)

Lady Best Net: Joey Wu (NA) (72)

Men 2nd Gross : Kai Yamada (NA) (77)

Men 3rd Gross : Mike Nguyen (NA) (79)

Men 2nd Net : Greg Rozitis (NA) (70.0)

Men 3rd Net : Jacob Berman (EU) (70.8)

Longest Drive : @ Hole OUT 8: Kai Yamada (NA)

Near Pin @ Hole OUT 5 : Goh Sugita (NA)

Near Pin @ Hole OUT 7 : Mieko Mizuno (NA)

Near Pin @ Hole IN 3 : Shawn Devine (NA)

Near Pin @ Hole IN 7 : Katsunori Fujita (NA)

Overall Score

Team North America Score

Team Europe Score