Registration for CCCJ Members

Please fill out the form below to register. Note that fields marked * are mandatory.

  • Submit one form for each player, if you list guest(s) (note that guests are limited to sponsors at this stage) in the comments box they will not be added unless you sign them up separately.
  • When you have submitted your application, you will be sent an email confirmation with the details for bank transfer of the non-refundable registration fee of 3,000 yen. In case you do not receive this email, please contact us:
  • Your registration is final (and added to the participants’ list on this web site) only after we have received payment of the registration fee.
  • The remainder (23,000 yen) of the participation fee (+ food and drink you bought from the Clubhouse outside of the tournament provided food and beverage service), must be paid directly to the Club after the play.
  • If you have already registered and would like to cancel, click here.
  • In case you do not receive information email to the address you registered after sending the registration form, please contact us at

This Registration Form is for CCCJ Affiliated Players

※ Please use a mobile phone number, as we might need to contact you on the tournament day.
※ Play format: New Peoria - shin-peria
※ If you do not have an established handicap, give your three latest scores below: (fill out only if you did not give your handicap above)
※ Note: the handicaps will be used for the purpose of making even foursomes only.
※ Registration for the bus is necessary, we are not be able to accommodate walk-ins.
※ If you cancel your participation and you have signed up for the bus, your seat on the bus will be automatically cancelled.
※ E.g. mark here if you have requests re. whom you would like to play with. Note that in the spirit of the game, we will group two from each team (NA and EU) in the foursomes.
※ In case you wish to invite guest players to participate, please note that as an inviting participant you are responsible for explaining the invited person that 3,000 yen registration fee and the 23,000 play fee also applied for them (in case you cover these for the invited player, there is obviously no need for this explanation)