Information on past activations

Title Sponsors at the club house

Some activations at the club house have included title sponsors having their products/services showcased on the first floor of the club house 

Activations around the course

Around the course, we have usually had one charity shot whole for each title sponsors at a par 3 hole. A player wishing to participate for the charity shot pays 1000 yen for charity, and if starting shot on that par 3 ends up on green, he wins a charity prize provided by the sponsor of that hole. For example, Mercedes-Benz has provided a sleeve of golf balls for those who make the green with the first shot, Cole Haan provided a Cole Haan travel kit. 

This is one fun adding to the visibility and for the players to compete on, but something that would be definitely required.

Activations after the play

After the play in the afternoon, we have a party on the second floor of the club house at the party room. We showcase all of the sponsors on the screen, but this area could also be used for activations.